Powder Blue Tang growth rate

Beauty Powder Blue Tang

Just came back from my LFS today and found that they have gotten some Powder Blue Tangs. They rarely get them.
They are slightly less than 3 inches long.

I was just getting ready to get my next fish for my 90G FOWLR and initially was thinking the Regal Tang (Paracanthurus hepatus).

They also have one at around 3 inches long.

I really like both. But I know that with the similar color and body shape, there is a high possiblitiy that they will fight.

Anyone think there is any chance in the world that they will tolerate each other in a 90G? Anyone tried keeping them at the same time before?

PETCO Blonde Naso Tang - Medium
Pet Products (PETCO)
  • Tangs are often called surgeon fish because of the scalpel-like spine at the base of its tail
  • The usually solitary and territorial tang will swing its tail at a target as a means of defense
  • The Blond Naso undergoes a remarkable transformation from gray with yellow stripes to dark blue-gray with maturity
  • A tank with rocks and decor to provide several hiding spots and plenty of swimming space is recommended
  • Tangs tend to be most aggressive towards fish of similar form and color

50's nostalgic dinner? Hehehe!

2006-01-18 19:45:00 by SilverSprung

==Big ol' pot of Manwich served with
Wonder Bread
==another big pot of Spaghettio's or Beefaroni
=="relish plate" with carrot sticks, celery stalks (w/leaves), and green olives fished out of a tall jar
==Miracle Whip with a bit of French's yellow mustard (for color!) as dip OR intant onion soup mix
==Kraft cheese in a can w/Ritz crackers
==fried lunch balogna w/cheese ("flyer saucers")
==green and sick pink Melmac portion trays that stack
==pitchers of Kool-Aid
==Nestle's Quick (chocolate AND straberry)
==Pepto Bismol for dessert

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